Make Your nests in Gandrališkės!

Each of us dreams of living in a cosy and high quality home, in a beautiful environment. At the same time we all wish to feel safe. We want to experience this feeling every day. Therefore, the company has created a residential district for a better quality life in the city centre, where we work, rest and spend most of our active life time. We invite you to “Make your nests in Gandrališkės!"

Since 2004 we have been developing a residential complex “Gandrališkės" right in the centre of the port city. The architecture of this complex is innovative and stylish. It also has commercial premises on the the first floor.

It's located only 500 m. away from the Curonian Lagoon, near to the New Ferry and the Curonian Spit. Panoramic views of the lagoon, the Curonian Spit and the Baltic Sea open up from the sixth floor. Nearby one can find the major shopping and entertainment centres, as well as Klaipeda “Švyturio“ arena, where lots of concerts and exhibitions are held. Here you will enjoy the city and active people living in today's fast pace. Gandrališkės is just a 10 minute walk from the Old Town of Klaipėda, its theatres, exhibition and concert halls, cosy Old Town cafés.

Beautifully restored buildings, a healthy green environment, secure courtyards with playgrounds and sand boxes for children, bicycle and roller paths – all this is a part of the daily life of Gandrališkės residents. You can have the opportunity to rest and socialise here.

Each building is equipped with two-storey underground car parking spaces. The noises of the car engines or their alarms aren't heard in the inner courtyards of the residential quarter. The efficient, modern autonomous heating system, with an individual account for each apartment is another exclusive advantage of Gandrališkės.

To residents' convenience here are located and provide their services: a grocery store, a beauty salon, a photo studio, a dental clinic, children's entertainment and education centres, ect.

“Gandrališkės" apartments are sold partially finished. The future residents will be able to choose finishing materials themselves and so participate in the housing development. However, if requested, the company provides apartments' installation and finishing services.

This is a special place in the exclusive residential neighbourhood, so we have selected quality materials, advanced technologies and engineering solutions it make it real. Everything is created for the convenience of the residents and their better quality of life.