Kuosu str. 20

2 BedroomNoStairc./block Space, m²Balcony, m²Loggia, m²Finishing 
9 FloorB9/90B60.302.699.79FullRentMore
21 FloorB21/126B60.862.679.79FullRentMore
22 FloorB22/129B60.772.699.79FullRentMore
23 FloorB23/132B60.872.699.79FullRentMore
3 BedroomNoStairc./block Space, m²Balcony, m²Loggia, m²Finishing 
3 FloorA3/3A118.982.6920.81Vacant More
4 FloorA4/5A118.872.6920.81FullRentMore
5 FloorA5/7 A119.092.6920.72Vacant More
6 FloorA6/9A119.062.6920.72Vacant More
7 FloorA7/12A80.602.6914.37FullRentMore
B7/83 B81.522.744.8Vacant More
8 FloorA8/13A118.962.5720.72Vacant More
9 FloorA9/15A119.462.6920.72Vacant More
A9/16 A80.862.6914.37FullRentMore
B9/89 B81.552.694.8FullRentMore
10 FloorA10/17 A119.072.6920.72Vacant More
11 FloorA11/19A119.122.6920.72Vacant More
A11/20A80.672.6914.37Vacant More
B11/95B81.932.694.8FullVacant More
12 FloorA12/22A80.512.6914.37Vacant More
13 FloorA13/24 A80.932.6914.37FullRentMore
B13/101B81.802.694.8Vacant More
15 FloorA15/27A118.812.6920.72FullVacant More
17 FloorA17/32A80.962.6914.37FullRentMore
18 FloorB18/116B82.242.694.8FullRentMore
20 FloorB20/122B82.272.694.8FullRentMore
21 FloorB21/125B82.362.674.8FullRentMore
22 FloorB22/128B82.462.694.8FullVacant More
23 FloorA23/44 A118.952.6920.72FullRentMore
26 FloorA26/50A116.42.6920.72FullRentMore
27 FloorA27/52A119.082.6920.72FullReservedMore
28 FloorA28/55A81.682.6914.37FullRentMore
30 FloorA30/58A119.372.6920.81FullVacant More
32 FloorA32/62A118.752.6920.81FullReservedMore

This building has 161 apartments, and there are commercial premises on the first floor.
It is the highest 34-floor residential building of unique architecture in Lithuania. The main façade of the building is oriented in a westerly direction that provides an awesome panorama of Klaipėda city, and a view of the Curonian lagoon. Nerija, Smiltynė and the Baltic Sea can all be seen from the apartments' windows.

The apartments are sold as partially finished. All the criteria for a comfortable, economic and safe dwelling of middle class were implemented. At a client's request, a full arrangement of the dwelling can be performed within 1-2 months. The State Commission has acknowledged it as suitable for use.

The useful space:
of a 2-room apartment is 60 m2,
and of a 3-room apartment - 82 m2 and 120 m2.

Price: LTL 3700 – 7000 / m2.
The price for an underground parking space is LTL 18 000.

View of the house.