Birutes str. 22A

4 BedroomNoStairc./block Space, m²Balcony, m²Loggia, m²Finishing 
2 FloorD2/75 D86.365.22; 6.63Vacant More
B5/1, 130 E84.4711,78Vacant More
1H85,075,22 6,63Vacant More
4H86,125,22 6,63Vacant More
4 Floor9H86,295,22 6,63ReservedMore
5 Floor13H86,045,22 6,63Vacant More
16H84,95,22 6,63Vacant More

The building has 149 apartments, and there are commercial premises on the first floor.
The house has eight staircases whose height ranges from five to seven floors.

The apartments are sold as partially finished. All the criteria for a comfortable, economic and safe dwelling of middle class were implemented. At a client's request, a full arrangement of the dwelling can be performed within 1-2 months. The State Commission has acknowledged it as suitable for use.

The useful space
of a 2-room apartment is45 m2,
of a 3-room apartment – 68 m2,
and of a 4-room apartment – 85 m2

Price: LTL 3800 – 4200 / m2
The price for an underground parking space is LTL 15 000.

View of the house