Within hand’s reach

It is convenient to live in a city district where Klaipėda old town, theatres, showrooms, concert halls and old town cafes are just within a 10 minute walking distance. Nearby you’ll find the Klaipėda “Švyturio” arena and the “Akropolis”, “Arena”, “Grandus” and “Vėtrungės” shopping and entertainment centres.

Life in Gandrališkės will be appreciated by both active city dwellers living at today’s rapid pace and families with kids. There are convenient preschool and school facilities, development centres and hobby groups located within a few minutes travel. The well developed city infrastructure makes it easy to go about your daily business and puts you within quick reach of any part of the city



A town within the city

A carefully arranged home environment with enclosed yards has been greened up with ornamental plants. Children's playgrounds and leisure zones are located in the enclosed yards above the underground parking lots. There are children's activity centres, a dental clinic, grocery store and photo studio. This area is like a little town where you can live, work, rest and enjoy yourself. There is a unique opportunity to view and admire the Curonian lagoon already from the 6th floor, and from the 12th floor, a most remarkable panorama of the Baltic Sea and Curonian Spit can be seen....




Modern and unique home architecture and functional apartment planning for quality living have been provided for the needs of each buyer.

Modern technical and engineering construction solutions have been implemented: ventilated facades on the houses, air conditioning and ventilation solutions, panoramic elevators, sliding glass loggia systems, and a quiet municipal sewage system.

An indirect, controllable heating system with individual accountability independent from the seasonal urban central heating has been provided. The dweller can turn it on at any time of the year, thus ensuring their cosiness and comfort. Such a system provides significant savings in normal allocations for an apartment’s heating. Every residential unit has been awarded with a C grade Energy Performance Certificate.

For the residents’ convenience, there are two-story underground parking lots arranged under all the houses from where you can take a lift to the desired floor. 1-2 parking spaces were planned for every apartment. 




The microdistrict is located within 500 m of the Curonian lagoon near the New Ferry Terminal to the Curonian Spit. The beaches of the Baltic Sea are easily accessible on foot or by bicycle. You can go to Juodkrantė or Nida along the equipped bicycle routes. The resort town of Palanga is located within a 30 minute drive.